Tonight’s delicious menu has been carefully prepared by Coeur Catering, a catering company with a very big heart for the environment and dedicated to sustainable catering, in all its facets. You can read more about their sustainability charter below.

Sustainable catering by Coeur Catering

For years, Coeur Catering has prided itself on a sustainable approach, a vision that is woven into the company’s DNA. Since 2018, the caterer has been pouring all these ambitions into a concrete action plan: E-COEUR.

Sustainable catering

40% of our offerings are resolutely vegetarian. We prefer fish, meat and vegetables of local and organic origins. Chocolate and coffee always come from fair trade. For our (sparkling) wines, we do not call on new world countries to limit the emisse limit. In our assortment we work with a seasonal “catch of the day” rather fish from the North Sea rather than a fixed fish species to avoid as much bycatch as possible. Since 2022, beef has been removed from our standard range.

2022 – what’s next?

Coeur Catering remains committed to sustainable business practices. The vegetarian offering will be 50% by 2022 and is investing in solar panels, green energy and insulation. To this end, Coeur Catering is joining forces with the City of Ghent and UGent, who are providing advice and expertise. We are proud to be part of a select number of caterers who distinguish themselves in this respect.

As a partner and ambassador, we support Go Forest: an NGO that works to combat deforestation and the protection of biodiversity in the fight against climate change. By 2030, Coeur Catering wants to work with Go Forest to plant at least 20,000 trees in the Peruvian Amazon forest.

Zero Food Waste

With its years of expertise, Coeur Catering aims to combat food waste in all areas. Thus, the purchase of products meets real demand. Thanks to optimization of rapid cooling and sustainable storage methods, preparations are given a long, second life. Surpluses are creatively reprocessed or donated to underprivileged families in collaboration with Foodsavers of Ghent. In STAMcafé we work together with Too Good To Go to get the last leftovers to the right man or woman.

Alternative transport

Whenever and wherever possible, Coeur Catering delivers and travels by bicycle, in collaboration with Ghent-based Cargo Velo. You can repair your bicycle as an employee on site in the workshop. Our own fleet of vehicles is being rejuvenated with a view to reducing consumption and Coeur Catering is anticipating the electric car by installing electric charging stations in the fall of 2022 powered by our own solar panels.

From May plastic-free to 365 days plastic-aware

Coeur Catering wants to limit plastic and offer smart alternatives. PET is giving way to sustainable solutions: glass bottles, SodaStream or simply tap water. All straws are recyclable. Where plastic is involved, bulk purchasing is chosen. Waste on the move is also sorted as much as possible..

Fingerfood & appetizers

On the high tables:
Crispy wonton with celeriac guacamole – potato crisp with ras el hanout and sour cream onion dip – sage parmesan cookies

Cream of carrot with crispy Jerusalem artichoke and vegan ponzu dressing

Veggie caesar salad with sucrine, capers and pecorino cheese

Parsnip and chestnut croquette with feta dip

Gado gado – Japanese soy egg – puffed wild rice

Sparkling wine Vandersteene Tradition Brut (BE)

Homemade ice tea with ginger and lemongrass

Seated Dinner

On the table you will find oven-fresh bread from the Ghent social bakery Compaan, with butter and olive oil Co&Oil Gent, pepper and fleur de sel.

Jerusalem artichoke vélouté – Scallops from eringi – Sage crisp – Crunch of hazelnuts and tarragon oil
Wijngoed Rhode – Johanniter –2021 – Gontrode (BE)

Vegan bell pepper dumplings – Gravy of roasted onion – Jerusalem artichoke, edamame and butternut
Wijndomein Waes – Rondo, Regent en Leon Millot – Zwijnaarde (BE)

Walking dessert (in the networking area)
Pavlova of lukewarm tangerine – Cream of mascarpone – Maple syrup marinade – Roasted rosemary
Pastilles of white fair-trade chocolate – Cream of sea buckthorn berry – Strained yoghurt – Cookie crunch
Roasted marinated plum – Vegan salty caramel – Crunch – Coconut sorbet (vegan)
Fair trade coffee “De Draak”


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