Tonight’s delicious menu has been carefully prepared by Coeur Catering, a catering company with a very big heart for the environment and dedicated to sustainable catering, in all its facets. You can read more about their sustainability charter below.

Sustainable catering by Coeur Catering


For years, Coeur Catering has prided itself on a sustainable approach, with a vision that is intertwined in the company’s DNA. Since 2018, we have been pouring all these ambitions into a concrete action plan: E-COEUR. We are rolling out that plan to our other businesses: Rooftop Gaston, STAMcafé and Muziekcentrum De Bijloke Ghent.

Sustainable catering

Forty percent of our offer is resolutely vegetarian. Because the footprint is too large, we have also removed beef from our standard range. We prefer local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. In our fish range we work with a seasonal catch of the day from the North Sea rather than with a fixed fish species in order to avoid by-catch as much as possible. We buy a large part of the bread we offer from the Ghent social bio-bakery Compaan, which means we contribute to making the economy more sustainable. The chocolate we use is locally processed and invariably comes from fair trade.

Drink responsibly

Of course, our sustainable story does not stop in the kitchen, but also continues in our range of drinks. For example, for our (sparkling) wines we do not rely on the supply from the new world countries in order to limit CO2 emissions during transport. We also exchange sugary soft drinks for homemade ice teas, lemonades and fruit infused waters. Our coffee De Draak is not only roasted locally in Ghent, it also carries the Rainforest Alliance label.

2023 – what’s next?

Coeur Catering continues to focus on sustainable business. For example, our vegetarian range will be expanded even more and accompanied by a wider vegan range. It is our ambition to work even more with local and organic products and to strengthen our ties with local suppliers in order to increase our purchase. We will increasingly use a (sparkling) wine from Belgium in order to further reduce CO2 emissions.

From 2023 on Rooftop Gaston, both the still and the sparkling water that you drink will simply come from the tap thanks to the social impact company Robinetto in order to keep transport and packaging to a minimum. The entire catering team working in our production workshop will also enjoy this.

In 2023, the roof of our production workshop will be completely renovated, insulated and equipped with solar panels that will provide 80% of our own power needs. There will be charging stations for the new hybrid and electric cars that will gradually be introduced into the fleet.

Coeur Catering continues to follow the advice on sustainable catering from the City of Ghent and UGent. In this way we can be part of a select number of caterers who distinguish themselves in this area.

As a partner and ambassador, we support Go Forest: an NGO that fights against deforestation and protecting biodiversity in the fight against climate change. By 2030, Coeur Catering wants to plant at least 20,000 trees together with Go Forest.

Zero Food Waste

With its many years of expertise, Coeur Catering wants to combat food waste in all areas. In this way, the purchase of products meets the real demand. Thanks to optimization of rapid cooling and sustainable storage methods, preparations get a long, second life. Surpluses are creatively reworked and, if possible, redistributed through FoodSavers. In our STAM café we work together with Too Good To Go to ensure that the last leftovers of the day end up with the right man or woman.

Waste and Recycling Policy

We have a thorough waste and recycling policy. All waste is collected separately, both on location and in our production workshop. Coeur Catering wants to limit plastic and other waste as much as possible and offer smart alternatives or organize purchases in larger quantities. All our food and drinks are offered in porcelain and glass. When it comes to take away, it is always in sustainable packaging. We avoid straws and if that is not possible, they are also recyclable.

Veggie fingerfood

Cake pop of Old Bruges cheese and red pepper with black garlic aioli

Home-made croquettes of oyster mushrooms with a ricotta truffle dip

Buttermilk blini with beluga caviar and Ghent Zuivelhoeve sour cream

Celeriac with a gravy of lovage (or French celery) and hazelnut (vegan)

Sparkling wine Vandersteene Tradition Brut (BE)

Home-made ice tea with ginger and lemongrass


Salsa of organic aubergine with a risotto croquette, olive cream, tarragon gravy and organic herb salad

Seated Dinner

Home-made cannellini bean ravioli with organic lemon, green crunchy vegetables, roasted Jerusalem artichoke gravy and a gremolata with pine nuts

White wine : Wijngoed Rhode – Solaris – Gontrode

Red wine: Wijndomein Waes – Rondo & Regent – Zwijnaarde

Walking dessert

Chaud/froid of raspberry with an espuma of white chocolate and speculoos

Walnut cake with a cream of cardamon

Vegan cinnamon ice cream with blackberries

Grilled Conference pear with Genste Zuivelhoeve cheese and roasted meringue

Open bar

Fair trade coffee De Draak (Ghent)

White & red wine

Water & mint infused water & home-made ice tea

La Chouffe Blond

Gentse Gruut Donker

Liefmans Fruitesse


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